Art House Billings

What Is Art House Doing to Babcock?

As you probably know, Art House Billings operates the Babcock Theatre in downtown Billings. The theater is owned by the City of Billings, and recently there was a City Council roundtable discussing some renovations that Art House Billings wishes to undertake to preserve the history and safety of this Billings landmark. We want everyone to know that none of what was discussed at that roundtable has been approved or set in stone.

Here's what we can say though:

1. The marquee has not been updated in 70 years, and in that time the structural integrity of it is starting to fail. We are committed to keeping the marquee lit and looking great for the next 70 years, which requires some upkeep and updating. We are working to keep it as historically accurate as possible, while also not allowing it to crumble or become unsafe.

2. There are some safety concerns regarding the sidewalk in front of the theater, as well as the entryway. You will notice sloping and water pooling in this area, and we are looking to reinforce this area and regrade the entryway to make it safer for patrons and avoid further degradation in wet weather.

We are continuing to work with the city on how best to tackle these concerns to keep the Babcock a shining gem for generations to come. We will let you know more as plans become more solid.

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